Audience Measurement

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About MOVE

MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) is a proprietary limited company that has the sole purpose of managing and administering the MOVE Audience Measurement System.

MOVE is governed by a Board of Directors voted by the MOVE shareholders and includes the CEO of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA).

MOVE is Australia’s first national Out of Home (OOH) Audience Measurement System. MOVE measures over 73,800 advertising faces, including roadside billboards, posters, street furniture, railway stations, buses, trains, trams, shopping centres and airports in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

MOVE is the only OOH Audience Measurement System in Australia that is endorsed by the OMA, the Media Federation of Australia and the Australian Association of National Advertisers.

Click here to visit the MOVE public site or here to access the MOVE AMS.

Watch our MOVE Methodology video below.


MOVE Mission

To provide the highest quality service to all MOVE users by maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the audience measurement data published, and to ensure the MOVE system remains accessible, relevant and user-friendly.

MOVE Participants

MOVE has more than 1900 registered users and 90 agencies who log into its web-based system.

The following OMA member companies have their signs measured by MOVE: