Becoming a Member

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Membership Categories

There are three categories of OMA membership: Media Display Members – Outdoor Media companies, Non-Media Display Members – Production and Installation companies and Asset Owners – Property Owners.

Media Display Members or Outdoor Media Companies advertise third-party* products across all categories in the OOH sector including: on buses, trams, taxis, pedestrian bridges, billboards and free-standing advertisement panels; on street furniture (eg. bus/tram shelters, public toilets, bicycle stations, telephone booths, kiosks) and in bus stations, railway stations, shopping centres, universities and airport precincts.

*Advertising in which the advertisement is not associated with the premises eg. a land or property owner allows an outdoor media company to display an advertisement for a third-party product.

Non-Media Display Members or Production and Installation companies include printers (including the supply of printing materials), installers, maintenance fabrication companies and other producers of billboard skins and vinyls used for OOH advertisements.

Asset Owners or Property Owners actually own the space upon which the OOH advertising stands. For example, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) own the property (platforms and track-side billboards) that are located within train stations around the country.

Benefits to Membership

OMA Members form a vital network that is actively promoted, supported and consulted by the OMA. Members also benefit from the lobbying and advocacy that the OMA conducts on their behalf on regulatory and assessment issues. Other opportunities available to OMA Members include participation in:

  • Discussions and meetings on legislative and regulatory issues
  • The development of industry standards and guidelines
  • The development of custom research to advance the industry
  • The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) and the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) accredited audience measurement system for the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry and MOVE
  • OMA sponsored industry seminars, events and awards

As well as access to:

  • Industry-specific customised Work Health and Safety (WHS) materials for high-risk workplaces
  • Electronic newsletters, media releases and media seminars including assistance and regular updates on industry legislative, regulatory and legal issues
  • Individual council development control plans
  • Confidential industry revenue reports

Membership Costs

Annual membership fees are paid according to a fee structure.

Click here to download the 2016 OMA Fee Structure.

Become an OMA Member

Click here to download the OMA’s membership forms or contact the OMA if you would like further information regarding OMA Membership.